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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Funny Fact of the day/week/month/whenever I can find a funny fact #2

Did you know that according to the laws of physics dolphins shouldn't be able to swim as fast as they can? This has many scientists stumped, but they think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that Dolphins are constantly shedding skin... if you were to touch one, you would see a bit of it on your hand, a little gross, yes, but I still love those deep sea mammals.

Oh, btw, dolphins aren't the only outlaws when it comes to physics, bees shouldn't be able to fly!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Dolphin-ee Book

I just read a book (scroll up) that had a lot to do with dolphins; I'm not sure if all of it is true that it said in the book (in fact, I'm pretty skeptical, but who knows?), but I just thought I might mention it on this blog. The book's name is "A Ring Of Endless Light". It's the last* book in a series by Madeline L'Engel, and the preceding stories are: "The Arm Of The Starfish" (which was really good) "The Moon By Night" (which was very enjoyable), "The Young Unicorns" (which was really good too, but had no unicorns) and the final book is the 'dolphin-ee' one, "A Ring Of Endless Light". If you'd like to see my full review, come to my Book Blog.


*As far as I know.

Friday, January 11, 2008

One Of Earths Most Inteligent Animals

Dolphins are one of earths most intelligent animals, they have been known to use ultrasonic sound for echolocation. Membership in their pods (see post "Interacting" and read about schools and pods) is not rigid; interchange is common. However, the cetaceans can establish strong bonds with each other, this leads to them staying with injured and ill individuals.

Friday, December 28, 2007

They're Smarter Than We Think

Did you know that some dolphins teach their children to use tools (sponges to cover their snouts to protect them while foraging)? This knowledge is mostly transferred from mother to daughter. This is not genetic, it is taught.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Did you know that Dolphins are mammals? They have a blow hole (like whales) that they breath through. They also have children like us, their babies finish developing in the womb instead of an egg.
And the Dolphins are human freindly, they interact playfully with us in the water.

They are very social. And live in groups called schools or pods.


Funny Fact

Now here's our funny fact of the day/week/whenever we can find a funny fact: Dolphin males are called bulls, their babies are called calves and their females are called--you won't believe this--cows! Now how are we going to milk that? (not that I drink milk)


A Million Names

The word 'Dolphin' originated from some of these Greek and Latin words.

The first Greek word was Delphys (which means 'womb') after this came Delphis (which means 'fish with a womb').

Doifinus was the first word for dolphin in Latin, then came Delphinus.

Daulphin is the french word for our second favorite mammal, it isn't really what 'dolphin' came from, but I thought I might as well add this with the rest.

Interesting Facts: Did you know that Killer Whales are actually a type of dolphin?! And that Dolphins actually comunicate with each other with clicks and other vocalizations?!